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APCoLD 2013 - Speakers&pre-conference workshops   


Professor Dr Gavin Reid 
Prof Dr Gavin Reid is a consultant to the Centre for Child Evaluation and Teaching (CCET), Kuwait and in many other countries.

Professor Dr Angela Fawcett
Prof Dr Angela Fawcett is the Chairperson and Director for the Centre for Child Research, School of Human Science, Swansea University, UK.

Diana Vogel
Diana is a member of Australia Tutoring Association and British Dyslexia Association,
Withdrew due to sickness

Professor Dr Jannette K. Klingner
Prof Dr Janette Klingner is the Professor of Education specializing in bilingual special education at the University of Colorado, USA.

Professor Dato Dr. Abdul Halim Jalil
Prof Dato Dr Abdul Halim is Professor of Paediatrics at the Lincoln University College, Petaling Jaya, Selangor and is the Founder President of the National Association for Autism Malaysia.

Ms Michelle-Lynn Yap
Ms Michelle-Lynn Yap is Senior Educational Therapist from Dyslexia Association of Singapore.

Ms Serena Teo
Ms Serena is the Founder of KATSU Training and Development centres for children with learning disabilities and gifted children.

Mr Bong Muk Shin
Mr Bong is the Director of Special Education Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Captain James Anthony Tan
Capt James has dyslexia and has records in the Guinness Book of Records, Malaysia Book of Records and World Academy Record as the youngest pilot to circumnavigate the world and in shortest time.

Pre Conference Workshop (24 June 2013), 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Workshop 1

Professor Dr Angela Fawcett

Procedural Learning: Theory into Practice

Workshop 2

Professor Dr Gavin Reid

Identification, Assessment and Identifying the Barriers to Learning Practical Approaches

Workshop 3

Diana Vogel                                   

Withdrew due to sickness

Managing Kids with AD / HD

Workshop 4

Michelle Lynn Yap

Building a Reader Strategies for Beginning Readers to Aid in Fluency

Workshop 5

Serena Teo

The Education Plan: Children with Autism and ADHD

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